Have It Your Way with The Legacy Building Company

Lori Kroneberger knew what she wanted when she set out to remodel the main bathroom in her 1952 Osseo home. The trouble was finding a contractor who shared her vision. Everyone wanted to gut the space to the studs and start over; she preferred to both preserve and improve on the past. Five years passed before she discovered The Legacy Building Company and made her dream come true.

The bathroom had had a poor facelift before Lori bought the home. The original pink ceramic wall tile was painted white and a cheap vanity screamed 1970’s. As Lori started to chip away the paint, the vintage pink tile seemed to be in great shape and worth restoring. She wasn’t interested in replacing it with tile that would look new.

Legacy chemically stripped the paint from the tile and installed a retro console sink. We refinished the original cast iron tub and installed a pressure-balanced shower control with scald protection. We also installed a ceiling fan and low-flow toilet and increased storage by converting the conflicted closet into a linen cabinet.

Listen to Lori explain her Legacy Building Company experience in her own words.

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