Online Tools for Your Best Remodeling Experience

Clear communication is as important to positive remodeling experiences as gifted designers, dedicated craftsmen and quality materials. In fact, as the glue that holds everything else together, it probably is the most important element.

Legacy Building Company is built on transparency and structure. Our clients enjoy easy online and mobile access to their projects’ detailed design and production calendars. If someone wants to know which crewmember will be on site next Tuesday or when the countertop was ordered, it’s all in the calendar and updated daily.


Legacy Building Company sample project calendar


Our project management system also captures and stores comments and questions between clients and team members, and it records when someone completes a listed task. Customers and crew members agree this is more reliable  than random emails, text messages and phone calls that can be buried, deleted or forgotten in the crush of daily life.

Legacy  understands that remodeling projects are tough on families. No contractor can eliminate the stress, but Legacy works hard to avoid surprises and misunderstandings by keeping clients fully informed and heard through the design and construction process.

Our online project management tools help us deliver superior remodeling experiences and outstanding outcomes. If you prefer to save the drama for when you celebrate the completion of your next remodeling, contact me  today.

About the Author
Craig Jansma is the president of The Legacy Building Company Inc. in Minnetonka, MN.