Priceless Penny Floor

Penny For Your Thoughts?

The Legacy Building Company enjoys designing and building remodeling features that are unique, memorable and add value to our clients’ homes. This penny floor is a great example. We installed the floor in a guest bedroom and office in a Minnetonka home and have the chiropractor bills to prove it!

The Star Tribune featured the penny floors project on the front of its Sunday Homes section on Nov. 20, 2016. Read the article here

The floors incoporate 258 pennies per square foot (nearly 100,000 pennies total) that are glued in perfectly straight rows for even spacing and covered with self-leveling, two-part epoxy. The base is brown epoxy-painted self-leveling concrete over low voltage heating cable and hardboard that’s stapled 6-in. oc on the edges, 8-in. oc in the field with panel joints staggered 2-feet. Expanding foam was used around the perimeter to contain the epoxy while it set.

Legacy 7-15-2016 155

                                      Priceless penny floor by The Legacy Building Company

First, we separated pennies into two buckets, one for shiny new pennies and the other for darker old pennies that had oxidized. That made it easier to create a random field of light and dark coins as we adhered each coin with a dab of construction adhesive. All of the pennies in the office are oriented tails up. The bedroom floor is all heads. (We resisted the temptation to reverse one coin in each room).

The biggest challenge was to achieve a flush transition between the new penny floor and the hardwood flooring in the hall between the two rooms. The combination of the epoxy, pennies, paint, cement and hardboard over the plank subfloor worked out perfectly. If the hallway floor had been higher, we could have used thicker underlayment.

Floor will appreciate when pennies are discontinued

Why hide money under your mattress when you can enjoy it – and see it – every day. Some 75 percent of all transactions are electronic, and it costs 1.7 cents to make a penny (which is 97.5 percent zinc and only 2.5 percent copper). That’s why the US Mint has been lobbying to discontinue the penny. It’s a matter of time. When that happens Legacy penny floors will be truly priceless!

If you would like to see a penny floor, check out the floor at the Butcher & Boar restaurant in Minneapolis. That’s what inspired us to invest in the novel flooring technique.

Penny floor installation

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Craig Jansma is the president of The Legacy Building Company Inc. in Minnetonka, MN.
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